Ship DescriptionEdit

Polacca is truly the definition of versatility. Having oars and sails, both lateen and square, it is pretty good both in favourable and adverse winds and, still air isn't a problem. Designed by the Mediterranean shipbuilders, it shines in shallow waters and changing winds and is definitely more of a pirate than a merchant ship. It is just beautiful, as the name (Polacca can be translated as "Polish girl") suggests.

Having relatively good firepower it can engage in a dogfight with any similar-sized ship. But please keep in mind that Polacca's boards aren't very sturdy and a couple of good salvos from a common Frigate can literally tear this beauty apart. Therefore, it is advisable to choose your prey wisely and always be prepared to flee if any dangerous warships enter the fight.

Stats and UsageEdit

Usage coming soon

Polacca Ship
Polacca Ship


8 Knots


7 Cannons







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